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Patient Placement Systems Scheduled to Present LTC Marketing Strategies at the Maine Health Care Association Leadership Symposium in June

Doug Walker to present “Coming To Your Census: 8 Steps to Excellence in LTC Census and Marketing Performance”


ATLANTA, April 27, 2011—Doug Walker, VP and General Manager of Patient Placement Systems, is scheduled to present a session on long-term care at the Maine Health Care Association (MHCA) Leadership Symposium in Northport, Maine, June 7-9, 2011.

“The 2011 symposium focuses on helping providers recognize and develop new strategies for marketing their facilities,” said Karen Michaud, MHCA director of education. Session topics concentrate on three key areas for skilled nursing and other long-term care providers:

  • Cultivating a commitment to quality service and care
  • Streamlining processes for admissions and referral management and utilizing technology to improve service, such as automated referral systems, electronic medical records and health information technology
  • Developing a strong marketing plan, nurturing community relationships, increasing referrals, and improving relationships and responsiveness


The Patient Placement Systems session, “Coming To Your Census: 8 Steps to Excellence in LTC Census and Marketing Performance,” will present new rules and technology tools to help long-term care and post-acute care providers market more effectively, accelerate referral response times, strengthen referral relationships, and improve case mix and reimbursements. The session covers eight proven steps to excellence in marketing and admissions for long-term care, along with trends in new technologies that are helping top performers work faster and smarter. The session also discusses several real-world examples of providers that are applying these steps, along with automated Web-based marketing and referral management systems, with dramatic performance results.

“Skilled nursing and assisted living facilities must work smarter and faster than ever to market and manage referrals successfully,” said Doug Walker, VP and general manager of Patient Placement Systems. “Other similar facilities compete harder than ever for the same customers. Reimbursement rules and strategies have changed for everyone. It's about much more than just building census—admissions teams must consider case and payer mix when assessing referrals to continuously manage quality census.”

Other sessions scheduled for the MHCA Leadership Symposium include:

  • “Reaching Maximum Effectiveness with Functional Marketing Plans,” presented by Patty Cisco, founder of CISCO & CO.
  • “Social Media in the Workplace: Developing a Social Media Policy for Your Employees” presented by Melissa O'Dea, attorney at O’Dea Woodman, P.C.
  • “Defining the Business Case for Health Information Technology (HIT) in the Long Term Care Sector,” presented by Jim Leonard, director, Maine Office of the State Coordinator for Health Information Technology.


About Patient Placement Systems
Patient Placement Systems designed the Web-based Referral Management System to automate and accelerate the admissions, marketing and reporting for skilled nursing facilities. Clients have increased census by 5 percent, improved referral response times by more than 80 percent, and dramatically improved case mix and revenue. For more information, visit
www.PatientPlacement.com or call 877-748-6656. PPS also publishes www.CaringForward.com, an industry blog of ideas, insight and technology to inform and improve long-term care.

About Maine Health Care Association

The Maine Health Care Association is a statewide association of providers of services to Maine’s older and disabled populations. MHCA represents more than 300 adult day service providers, assisted living/residential care facilities, home health service providers, independent living/congregate housing providers, nursing facilities, rehabilitation and skilled nursing providers, and other organizations and individuals who provide housing, health care and supportive services to more than 10,000 Maine residents. The mission of the Maine Health Care Association is to promote and advance the delivery of high quality health care, housing and supportive services to meet the needs of Maine’s older and disabled populations.  For more information, visit http://www.mehca.org . For information on the MHCA Leadership Symposium, visit http://www.mehca.org/Education/LS_2011.pdf.

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