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Patient Placement Systems Announces New Insurance Verification Service for Long-Term Care

Continuing Care Admissions Professionals Can Now Verify Patient Insurance Instantly While Managing All Referral Tasks in One Simple, Integrated, Web-based Software System

ATLANTA,GA. December 31, 2008 - Patient Placement Systems announced today the release of the first fully integrated Web-based solution for continuing care providers to instantly verify the insurance coverage of prospective patients.

The instant insurance verification service is an integrated feature of the PatientPlacement.com Referral Management System, the Web-based software that automates and accelerates every step of the admissions and intake process for continuing care providers including skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, and hospices. Now, when admissions professionals are receiving, tracking and reviewing patient referral inquiries in the Referral Management System, they can instantly confirm the patient's eligibility for Medicare, Medicaid or commercial insurance coverage.

"The insurance verification feature is so valuable for us, that by itself, it is worth the monthly subscription fee for the entire system," said Marilyn Guitreau, executive assistant for Belle Maison Nursing Home in Hammond, La., and a long-time user of the PatientPlacement.com Referral Management System. "The service is fast, simple and saves us a tremendous amount of time and effort on tasks that used to slow down our admissions process and responsiveness."

Guitreau also noted several benefits of having insurance verification integrated with the PatientPlacement.com solution Belle Maison already uses to manage and track admissions and referrals. Belle Maison employees can run the instant check without having to log into another Web site or software package, or play phone tag with insurers. The feature also uses patient information that is already in the system, so there is no need to re-key information when submitting the request. The live response typically takes just three to five seconds. The results become part of the online file for that patient, available for export or printing.

Leveraging the power of the McKesson® RelayHealth™ network, the Referral Management System integrated insurance verification feature provides an instant eligibility connection to over 430 payors including Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, CIGNA, Humana, TRICARE, and United Healthcare.

"We heard a recurring request from our continuing care customers to help simplify and speed up insurance verification," said Eric Christ, president of Patient Placement Systems. "By integrating an instant insurance check with the workflow, document management, communications and tracking tools already in the Referral Management System, we give providers the most streamlined, efficient way possible to confirm coverage and expedite referral approval."

About Patient Placement Systems: Patient Placement Systems helps continuing care providers replace mountains of paper and fax frustration with fast, efficient online healthcare software for discharge planning, patient referral management and tracking, and electronic medical records storage and retrieval. Patient Placement Systems is a proud Jackson Healthcare company, sharing a common dedication to providing the world's best healthcare software, technology and services. For more information, visit www.PatientPlacement.com or call 877-748-6656.

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