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Patient Placement Systems Announces Industry’s First Mobile Software Solution for Long-Term and Continuing Care Admissions

Software Interface Lets Long-Term Care Professionals Enter, Track and Approve Patient Admissions on Mobile Devices

ATLANTA,GA. September 29, 2008 - Patient Placement Systems announced today the release of the first mobile software solution for admissions automation and referral management in the continuing healthcare industry.

Now the marketing and admissions teams at nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, and hospice providers can enter, track and approve patient referrals from their portable mobile devices, including PDAs and cell phones. Patient Placement Systems developed the special mobile interface for its Referral Management System to help increasingly on-the-go admissions and marketing professionals in sub-acute care stay on top of referrals and admissions activity. The mobile version is optimized for the needs of an admissions person in the field. It is designed with the constraints of the smaller screen size and is compatible with any mobile device that has Web browser software including all RIM BlackBerry devices, the Apple iPhone, the T-Mobile G1, the Palm Centro, and many others.

"I'm consistently out on the road while promoting our services and facilities," said Kellee Chassner, director of public relations for the A.G. Rhodes Homes in Atlanta, Ga. "I live by my PDA, and it's reassuring to have the ability to manage our referral and admissions activity even while I'm away from the office."

The mobile interface lets providers launch the referral review process on the spot from the hospital, physician's office, a patient's home, or anywhere else. Referral details, such as the name of the discharge planner, are available instantly. Admissions professionals also can change the referral status from their mobile devices, sending automatic notifications to internal reviewers or the referral source.

"We understand how continuing care providers do business these days, and the increasing importance of getting information to decision-makers on-the-go," said Eric Christ, president of Patient Placement Systems. "This new mobile graphical user interface (GUI) for the Referral Management System extends our commitment to automating and accelerating their admissions and referral processes-no matter where the team members may be. "

About Patient Placement Systems: Patient Placement Systems helps continuing care providers replace mountains of paper and fax frustration with fast, efficient online healthcare software for discharge planning, patient referral management and tracking, and electronic medical records storage and retrieval. Patient Placement Systems is a proud Jackson Healthcare company, sharing a common dedication to providing the world's best healthcare software, technology and services. For more information, visit web.PatientPlacement.com or call 877-748-6656.

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