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Patient Placement Systems and MedFORCE Technologies Announce Partnership, Integrated DME/HME Intake, Referral and Document Management Software

Healthcare Software Partnership Marks First Integrated Intake Automation and Paperless Office Solution for DME/HME Providers

ATLANTA, GA. and CHESTNUT RIDGE, N.Y. September 9, 2008 - Patient Placement Systems and MedFORCE Technologies today announced a partnership that enables DME/HME providers to integrate referral intake automation with electronic document management, creating the industry's most complete paperless office solution.

"The process for evaluating and fulfilling medical equipment requests involves many types of documents," said Esther Apter, founder and CEO of MedFORCE. She cited as examples patient medical documents, insurance claims forms, correspondence and order forms. "With this integrated solution, DME/HME providers can eliminate paper documents and save time at every stage of the referral, intake, and patient and order management life cycle."

The Web-based Patient Placement Referral Management System automates intake and referral processes for DME/HME and other long-term healthcare providers. The solution converts incoming referral faxes to electronic documents, and automates referral review and tracking. MedFORCE 6 is a complete paperless software solution offering DME/HME providers the ability to scan patient records, create and import electronic forms, import faxes, and manage EOMBs. The companies teamed to build an interface that takes patient details from the Referral Management System and automatically creates new patient document folder in MedFORCE 6.

"It's a logical and beneficial merge of our intake automation at the front end of the process with comprehensive MedFORCE paperless document storage, retrieval and archiving," said Eric Christ, president of Patient Placement Systems. "Now for DME/HME providers, documents never have to be paper again, and the integrated software solution makes intake and fulfillment more accurate, efficient and compliant with privacy guidelines."

About Patient Placement Systems
Patient Placement Systems (PatientPlacement.com) helps hospitals and long-term care providers replace mountains of paper and fax frustration with fast, efficient online healthcare software for discharge planning and patient admissions and referral management ( /news-resources/referral-management-tools.aspx). Patient Placement Systems is a proud Jackson Healthcare Solutions company, sharing a common dedication to providing the world's best healthcare software, technology and services. For more information call visit www.patientplacement.com.

About MedFORCE Technologies
MedFORCE Technologies is a software company that develops applications for the healthcare industry. MedFORCE was borne of its sister company, Healthcare Management Solutions Inc. (HMS), a medical billing service company. HMS has been an established name in the healthcare industry since 1993 and using MedFORCE Scan since 2002. MedFORCE Technologies now leads the industry as a paperless office software company dedicated to the specific needs of the healthcare industry. To learn more about MedFORCE Scan or to schedule a free demo, call 1-866-237-1190 or visitwww.medforcetech.com.

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