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Belle Maison Nursing Home Signs Three-Year Contract with Patient Placement Systems

Large Louisiana Nursing Home will use Web-based Referral Management System™ to optimize and manage patient referral and placement

January 22, 2008

ATLANTA, GA. - Patient Placement Systems announced today that Belle Maison Nursing Home, a 179-bed nursing home and retirement care facility in Hammond, Louisiana, has signed a three-year contract to use the Patient Placement Referral Management System.

The Patient Placement Referral Management System enables nursing homes, home health agencies, hospices, rehabilitation facilities and other extended care organizations to automate the entire referral management process, efficiently tracking and managing all inbound patient referrals, as well as their associated medical records. Automating this traditionally manual and fax-based process gives facilities a unique opportunity to increase patient placements, better serve patients and referring facilities, enhance productivity, and gain data for better decision-making about their referral management process.

Belle Maison Nursing Home, winner of the 2007 Nursing Home Quality Initiative Achievement Award from the Louisiana Health Care Review, constantly seeks ways to improve processes and enhance quality of care. "The Referral Management System will not only help us place more patients, more efficiently; it will also give us a competitive advantage," says Administrator Paul Guitreau. Guitreau indicates that manual referral tracking processes can result in errors, problems and delays. The Referral Management System will enable Belle Maison to respond more quickly to referral sources, enhance staff productivity and have richer data for analysis and decision-making.

"With the Referral Management System, Belle Maison will save significant time and replace multiple manual processes. Furthermore, they'll have a new level of business intelligence regarding referral source, payor mix and other critical data," says Eric Christ, president of Patient Placement Systems. "And because the system was live in less than a week, they'll see benefits very quickly."

The Referral Management System improves visibility and efficiency by capturing all inbound patient referrals and medical documents through a HIPAA-compliant Web-based application, effectively eliminating the need for an admissions team fax machine. The Referral Management System includes reporting and analysis at every level - by location, by referral source, by user, by line of business, by payor, and more.

About Patient Placement Systems

Patient Placement Systems automates the referral process at continuing care providers, hospitals, and payors. The Patient Placement Referral Management System and Discharge Referral System improve information flow and communication so each party involved in patient referral has the information they need, when they need it. Patient Placement Systems is a member of the Jackson Healthcare Solutions family of companies. For more information about Patient Placement Systems, visit www.PatientPlacement.com or call 877-748-6656.

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