Discharge Referral System

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations use the Discharge Referral System (DRS) online software system to make discharge planning smarter, better and faster. They accelerate patient placement with electronic referrals, eliminate faxed referral documents and medical records, and analyze patient discharge referral activity securely online.

shorten stays through faster placements

Discharge Referral System (DRS): Online Healthcare Software for Discharge Planning to Eliminate the Fax and Accelerate the Processes that Directly Affect Patient Length of Stay.

The Discharge Referral System (DRS) online healthcare software accelerates hospital discharge planning and placement. The hosted healthcare software system securely connects discharge planners with more than 100,000 long-term care providers nationwide, online. Hospitals and other referring healthcare organizations rely on the fast, easy DRS software system to help discharge patients into qualified nursing homes, rehab clinics, home healthcare services and hospices in minutes, not days. (No more delays and waits by the fax machine-dedicated online fax servers convert paper faxes to secure electronic documents.) Hospitals and referring healthcare organizations track and manage outbound patient referral documents and electronic medical records , while enhancing compliance with HIPAA guidelines for healthcare privacy.

Some highlights of the DRS online healthcare software system for automating discharge planning and tracking:

  • Discharge planners and staff members send, track and archive patient referral documents and electronic medical records online, in real time-replacing long fax or phone waits with the speed and automation of a sleek, hosted healthcare software system
  • Submit online, paperless patient referral inquiries and electronic medical records to qualified facilities and providers for smarter discharge planning based on location, payers accepted, or healthcare services provided.
  • Receive instant status alerts by email, online or by mobile device, so you can react immediately to ensure efficient discharge planning and fast patient placement while tracking patient referral status.
  • Start using the DRS online healthcare software system in just minutes, with an elegant, easy user interface that makes discharge planning and referral management and tracking a snap.

Rapid referrals, discharge planning, easy online administration and business intelligence software. And no more faxes.

DRS online discharge planning and referral management software gives you real-time views of patient referral activity, cases, units and facilities, eliminating fax bottlenecks immediately, accelerating patient placement and tracking, improving healthcare and measurably reducing length of stay. Hospitals using the efficient online DRS healthcare software system for electronic document management and communications have reduced patient referral discharge and placement times by 80 percent or more-from two or three days in the fax-and-wait world to less than two hours.

The DRS online software system deploys quickly and incrementally across multiple departments and users without operational disruption-staff will be tracking referrals and managing discharge planning online in just hours. Corporate or local administrators can manage and grant access rights to your discharge planning staff without needing internal IT or support resources. And DRS online healthcare software integrates with your existing healthcare information systems, replacing manual data entry and faxing of clinical documentation with automated electronic medical records management.

DRS also delivers valuable healthcare business intelligence through its Referral Analytics™ online software module-the critical business analysis fax-and-paper processes can't provide. Dramatically improve discharge planning by seeing instant real-time tracking and analysis of all patient referral activity, reasons for decline, acceptance rates, performance data and more. Strategically manage healthcare resources and maximize bed occupancy and turnover. With the built-in custom reporting software, your hospital or healthcare organization can make nimble workflow decisions for discharge planning based on current, accurate information.

The net result.

  • Significantly reduce delayed patient discharges by accelerating discharge referral placements with sleek online software tools
  • Spend minimal capital outlay with hosted online healthcare software that offers predictable subscription pricing
  • Maximize bed occupancy rates
  • Move from fax-and-paper wastefulness to secure online documentation, distribution, storage and electronic medical records management, all managed with simple software controls
  • Roll out DRS online software quickly, enhancing your discharge planning in days with minimal training or ongoing support requirements
  • Rely on the secure hosted DRS software system to assure and enhance compliance with HIPAA guidelines for privacy of electronic medical records
  • Capture, track and report critical patient referral data and analysis to make knowledgeable, intelligent management and discharge planning decisions
  • Deploy DRS software easily and quickly across multiple hospital or healthcare provider facilities and users
  • Give authorized discharge planners and other users easy, secure, online access to the DRS software system from any authorized location
Avoid delayed patient discharges with smarter online discharge planning and patient tracking software. Many hospitals estimate that it costs $400 to $500 per day to keep a patient. One estimates that one of every five days a patient stays is unnecessary. The DRS online healthcare software system quickly connects patients with appropriate continuing care, dramatically reducing discharge delays due to patient placement issues.

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