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quality census

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We’ve done it for other skilled nursing facilities, and we can do it for you. Build quality census, improve payer and case mix, respond faster, report meaningful admissions data and make smarter decisions with the Web-based Referral Management System.

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Nursing homes and SNFs: Improve marketing, build census and improve patient mix with the Web-based Referral Management System

Our large multi-location SNF clients are seeing census increases of 5 percent. How? The Referral Management System provides executive reporting and business intelligence, accelerates response times, improves payer mix, and helps manage and measure marketing programs more effectively. Learn more.

Hospitals: Improve and accelerate discharge referral placements

Hospitals and other healthcare organizations use the Discharge Referral System (DRS) online software system to make discharge planning smarter, better and faster. They accelerate patient placement with electronic referrals, eliminate faxed referral documents and medical records, and analyze patient discharge referral activity securely online. Learn more.